Find my fit: O-type

Find My Fit: O-type

A woman with figure type O is characterized by a fuller upper body, broad shoulders and bust, and a less pronounced waist. People with this figure usually have slimmer legs and hips compared to the upper body. When choosing clothing for an O figure, the goal is to draw attention away from the full upper body and emphasize other parts of the body.



  • you have a rounder upper body
  • undefined waist
  • rounded shoulders
  • smaller hips, larger bust
  • slimmer legs and arms


For O-figures, garments with a V-neckline or a deeper neckline are excellent choices. This helps to shift attention to the midsection and emphasize the bust less. Empire waist dresses and tops, which start just below the bust and fall loosely over the belly, can make the waist less noticeable while providing comfort.

A-line skirts and dresses can subtly accentuate the hips without drawing attention to the upper body. Asymmetrical details, pleats or ruffles in the lower body can also help shift attention. Avoid overly tight tops and pants, as this can further emphasize the fuller upper body.



  • attention to the lower part of your body
  • firm, structured fabrics
  • t-shirts and tops should not stop at the hip
  • brightly colored pants with high waists and prints


  • avoid focusing on the upper body
  • clothes that are too tight
  • shapeless clothing
  • round neck, boat neck, halter neck
  • wide belts

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