Know yourself to love yourself

Marie Méro is known for its fits and brings a fresh collection for every woman and every dressing moment.

On top of that, our employees are central and each of us is #proudtoworkformariemero.

In this Find my Fit campaign, in a world often overwhelmed by unrealistic beauty standards and perfect images on social media, we want to
encourage you to embrace yourself, exactly as you are.

Together, let's unleash the power of positive body image and take the Find my Fit test.

This is what body positivity is all about: embracing all body types, regardless of size, shape or appearance.
It's not just about accepting your own body, but also about celebrating the diversity of body types.

We celebrate this in this campaign with some of our own employees.
We would like to introduce them to you one by one: Annette, Sofie, Lisa, Lien, Marjolein and Nancy.

Read more about the figure types with do's and dont's.

Embrace your true beauty. Embrace body positivity.

Laat je inspireren door de Marie Méro collega's

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