Meet team styling!

With our #proudtoworkformariemero campaign, we want to introduce you, our amazing customers, enthusiastic fans and the general public, to the amazing people behind Marie Méro in a very personal way. We will take you on a journey through the various teams and introduce you to the talented employees who bring Marie Méro to life.

Who are the creative minds behind our fashion and what drives them? The essence of Marie Méro is rooted in the personalities of these people; it is abundantly clear. Quality, craftsmanship, inspiration and a positive attitude are values you will find in everyone on our team.

Are you curious about the faces behind Marie Méro? In the coming weeks we will introduce them to you on all our channels!


Meet team Styling!

Every day the styling team delves energetically into the latest trends. They shape collections and experiment with prints and materials. With a large dose of creativity they let their imagination run wild. They know like no other who the Marie Méro woman is and how best to let her shine.


Head of styling - buying - production

Shine like Sophie!


Head Of Styling

Shine like Nancy!



Shine like Xenia!



Shine like Isabelle!