Black Pearl SS/24

Black Pearl SS/24

Black Pearl: Summery Black with Ecru

In this season's fashion world, the theme Black Pearl shines, combining the sophistication of black with the fresh elegance of ecru. This summer is all about finding the perfect balance between dark and light, between classic and contemporary.

Broderie Anglais: An Airy Touch to Black

One of the most striking trends within the Black Pearl theme is the application of Broderie Anglais to black fabrics. Traditionally known for its airy and feminine look, this delicate embroidery technique brings a sophisticated and breathable dimension to the dark palette. Black tops and dresses with Broderie Anglais details provide a playful and airy touch, perfect for hot summer days. 

Print Bi-color Florals: A Touch of Romance

Floral prints are a perennial favorite in summer fashion, and within the Black Pearl theme we see the emergence of bi-color floral prints. These prints combine black with ecru, creating an intriguing and eye-catching pattern. Ideal for both casual and formal summer occasions.

Embrace the elegance of black and the freshness of ecru, and be inspired by the versatility of Black Pearl.