Deep Blue Sea SS/24

Deep Blue Sea SS/24

Dive into the depths of fashion with the Deep Blue Sea theme, where shades of blue ranging from sky blue to classic jean blue take center stage. These lush colors are enhanced by adding ecru, taupe and subtle touches of soft pink.

This theme focuses on different dressing styles and material mix. You can go casual chic as well as a to a party with these outfits. 

One of the standout outfits is the satin suit: a comfort stretch fabric and washable, virtually wrinkle-free. 

In terms of material mix, within this theme you will find a blended linen in color, organza printed, faux plain fabrics and the satin being blended into a silhouette making the looks innovative.

This combination gives that airy and sophisticated feel that perfectly suits the spring and summer mood.

For a playful and vibrant look, the iconic "Chanel" look presented in a boxy top and jacket is combined with wide 7/8 pants. 

For a timeless and elegant style, there are twin sets in soft colors made from fine knitwear. These versatile and comfortable ensembles are perfect for any dressing moment. Fun to wear together as well as separately.