FW/24: materials mix & ultra feminine

FW/24: materialenmix & ultra feminine

Head of Styling Marie Méro underlines importance of material mix and shares inspiration
for next season


"A nice mix of materials and soft uni colors are making inroads for FW24. Some of our favorites? The well-known jersey and jacquard remain toppers but this season we are also adding taffeta, completely new to our range. In addition, bright prints give way to subtle and delicate patterns that in turn create a collection with an overall feeling of "understated luxury." says Nancy Lefevre, head of styling at Marie Méro.

Marie Méro takes a not-so-ordinary approach to everyday clothing this year. Texture, a mix of materials and a subtle addition of coatings and satin threads create a contemporary and sophisticated look and give you the freedom to up- or downdress for any occasion.

 The Belgian fashion label stands for a feminine wardrobe, no overly oversized silhouettes but an excellent fit that beautifully highlights the female form. And next season is no different, pencil skirts in comfortable jersey, utility dresses and detachable bows.

After a few seasons when shorts and mini shorts took over, covered legs are back in town. And let those pants be something Marie Méro has excelled in for years. That's why the brand is launching their must-haves: 2 models, 7 colors and never out of stock. In this way, Marie Méro continues to bet on their iconic fit that fits every woman. Not only across generations, but also across seasons.

The Marie Méro FW24 collection will be fully available from September 2024 in all Marie Méro concept stores and through the webshop.