FW/24 : Must haves by Marie Méro

FW/24 : Must haves by Marie Méro

Discover our must haves – never out of stock!

To further capitalize on the iconic fit that fits every woman, we are launching the must haves, 2 fits pants that can be worn with many dressing occasions across seasons.

 The must haves feature a perfect fit in 2 fits and 7 neutral shades, making them a basic piece in any wardrobe. This fit is designed to be comfortable and flatter every woman, regardless of her body shape or size.

The iconic fit has proven to be a favorite of many women over the years, thanks to its perfect balance of comfort and style.

Never out of stock means that a product is always in stock. This guarantees that customers always have access to this collection of pants without the risk of selling out, so you can purchase them at any time.

Perfect fit refers to the ideal fit of a garment. In the case of pants, this means that they are comfortable and flattering. A perfect fit ensures that the pants not only look good, but also feel comfortable and do not hinder movement. 

Perfect quality means that the garment is of excellent quality, both in terms of material and workmanship. It is about durable textiles that remain beautiful and maintain their shape for a long time.

Seasonless means they can be worn year-round, regardless of the season. These pieces are designed with versatility in mind, making them suitable for both warm and cold months. Pants that are seasonless can easily be paired with different tops and accessories to adapt to weather conditions.

 Timeless means that a garment remains stylish for many years. Timeless pants have a classic cut and design that makes them a valuable addition to any wardrobe because they always remain chic and relevant regardless of changing trends.

All dress moments refers to garments that are suitable for different dressing moments. This means that the pants can be worn both casual chic and dressed, depending on styling and accessories.

Suitable for all women means that the pants are designed to fit well with different body types, ages and styles. These pants are flattering and comfortable for all women regardless of size or personal style so that every woman feels confident and beautiful.