Marie Méro in FLAIR

Marie Méro in FLAIR

Trend Alert: The Mint Green Suit in Flair
A Fresh Wind Through the Fashion World

In the latest edition of Flair, they take us on a style journey all about innovation and refreshment. Indeed, this month's editorial spotlights the mint green suit. And let's face it, a colour as refreshing as mint green definitely deserves our attention!

The Power of Colour

Flair is known for its bold and trendy fashion selections, and this time is no different. The mint green suit, with its soft, pastel hue, exudes both elegance and a playful energy. This colour is perfect for spring and summer, but can also brighten up a winter outfit. It shows that fashion is not only about following trends, but also about making personal statements.

How to wear:


  • Minimalist Accessories: Let the suit speak for itself by choosing minimalist accessories.
  • Neutral Shoes: Pair the mint green suit with neutral shoes like white trainers for a casual look, or opt for nude or metallic heels for a more elegant look.

So what are you waiting for? Get inspired by Flair and add that refreshing touch of mint green to your wardrobe!